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Funky Monkey is one of the best children entertainment parks which were inaugurated in Mumbai, India during October 2012. This is one of the best play centers available in India. The structure of this park has been managed to entertain all the children who are in the age group from 6 years to 10 years. Swings, swimming and other entertaining arrangements are done in this park in quite better and disciplined manner. The free play is also there but in un-structured manner. One of the best features of this entertainment park is the safety arrangements. The kids can have their day in safe and eco-friendly environment. The clinical preventions have been made available at each spot of the park. Funky Monkey Park opens all the days in week. The play zone of the park is divided into two portions and both the sections are well decorated with the colorful imaginations. Kids feel quite better and safer here. This is the best place for the kids to have their weekends.

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After a long and tiresome weekly schedule of schooling, this is the place where kids can live with their full freedom. In the park, there is a large and well furnished area where birth day parties and other celebrations can be made. Concessions to school parties and other picnic groups is allowed all the day. In the routine fare, the park gives 50% concession to the organized groups either from any school.

In all the areas, internet connectivity, Wi-Fi functioning are easily provided. Own towers have been placed at various places in the park to provide un-interrupted web connectivity. The admin authorities of the park are quite able to manage the parties according to the size of group, irrespective of too large or small. A large collection of funny books and gaming options are available in Funky Monkey Park. You can book the play hours for at least 1 hour during morning hours on minimal charges. Each child will be charged Rs. 210/- only for 60 minutes duration.


One can book it online too. The meals are available on additional payment. The official website of this Park provides you the online booking facility. Home page of the website is having quite healthy and detailed information. This park provides memorable moments to the visitor. The arrangements have been made to cater for even a small desire of the customers. Especially, this is the place where kids will wish to visit every weekend.


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